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I was very dyslexic as a kid, so that never helped. If you think back to the riots we had in London a couple of years ago, they threw the book at these kids who trashed up a few shop windows, stole a few pairs of sneakers. When you’re at that age, they just put you on stage and say, “Read this! They sent them to jail for three years, branded them publicly, and I quote, as “mindless hooligans.” And you think, Well you were doing the same thing at a more discerning age, being afforded every privilege in life, you to have the ability to pay for the damage you caused, so hopefully, even hopefully, it will ignite that debate. Because if they ever get asked about their time in the Bullingdon Club, all they every say is, “Oh, I was young.” Well, they were young—they were younger and less educated and less privileged and less fortunate in every way, and you branded them for life. IRONS: The Bullingdon Club—yeah, they were recently photographed out in Zambia drinking champagne and shooting. It was terrible, but we got a standing ovation after the corpsing. BROWN: Is there anything that would make you quit acting?

“They were ruthless,” comments Irons of the time period. I want to do theater periodically— reminded me how great it is. I trained in theater and then I kind of fell into film and TV. I have a friend who was told he didn’t get a job because he was too hairy. BROWN: At least give him the option: “You’re too hairy, if you shave—”IRONS: “—if you shave, we’ll hire you.” Yeah. There are certain things that cut right to the bone, but as an actor you have to because you get turned down for things all the time.“You had to be to stay in control—your own brother is trying to kick you off the throne. His brother and his best friend and his advisor tried to kill him and then he had them back to court, invited them back. Allegiances are so important to maintain, because without them you’d be nothing. I want to work with interesting artists, talented actors, talented directors, and talented scripts. If you look at the careers of Philip Seymour Hoffmann, Paul Giamatti, Meryl Streep, none of them shot up in terms of fame or fortune or recognition, they laid a platform of good, solid work and became better and better. I’ve done a couple of films, which were intended to go straight up. You go up to the North of England and come back to find you’ve been replaced by someone else, so you have to be vigilant and very aggressive.” moves very quickly. BROWN: Do you think it’s more self-serving than it is brotherly love?

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