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Likewise, I know you're not, therefore I know you don't.Unless there is a living will present which implicitly states who that guardian is, that person usually is first the spouse (if applicable) and then the parents.

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For example, I consider that within the boundaries of a married couple there shouldn't be much privacy regarding emails, even on one's mobile phone, but she categorically said that I have no right to read her mails because of "privacy". In fact I saw some fish, strolling down by the Hao River, all jolly and gay.

I think that they are no more private than a phone conversation or regular paper mail (which both or us open as soon as we empty the mail box, regardless of whose name is on the envelope). I mentioned that because when I go to the gym or swimming pool in Japan, the men in the locker room just walk around nude, chat to each other nude, dry their hair nude...

On the other hand, I dislike onsen (Japanese hot springs), public baths or even public changing rooms in fitness clubs or swimming pools, and would say that there is no privacy whatsoever regarding nudity in Japan (I have been used to swimming pools where everyone get an individual changing room since my childhood). They wouldn't even put on some pants or a towel around them. I'd just like to tell them :"Hey, we are not in the stone age, cover yourself, please ! I have no interest in seeing their genitals (or vice versa), especially when there are dozens of them around me.

I went to spas and saunas since my early childhood and preferred to go naked if it was publicly acceptable. Doctors here take it very seriously that as a matter of course the medical condition and state of an individual is private knowledge.

:) @ hospitals & doctors: I went to hospital twice in Japan and was always able to consult with the doctor privately. Infact if anyone wants to get a copy of a medical record without the express (usually written) permission of a patient they have to go to a judge and have him issue a subpoena duces tecum (writ to present documents in court).

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