Updating boot camp graphics drivers

I have an Early 2011 Mac Book Pro with a Radeon HD 6750m GPU, it’s the last 17 inch laptop Apple produced & has handled anything I’ve thrown at it. 2 I was running heavy sound design sessions in Ableton Live on OSX, with FMOD Designer and the developer builds of OMD2 under a Parallels VM.

It all ran without a hitch and was simply amazing that I could do all that work simultaneously in a single portable DAW / Game Dev machine.

The first step is to create your own certificate with the Make Cert tool from the Windows SDK, which you should download and install now.

The SDK installer contains many tools but you only need the Windows App Certification Kit to get the Make Cert tool.

Then we run the Cert Mgr tool to install your new certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store of your system.

You can verify it was installed by opening Certificate Manager…

Moreover, constantly scan driver updates by Driver Genius or enable the Scheduled Scan function in Options- Schedule to make sure that will not miss a new release.With new support for Radeon Software drivers, professional users can swap between their professional and gaming drivers for the optimal experience. Q4 HIGHLIGHTS- This driver contains the "Driver Options" (only available on Microsoft Windows 10) feature that allows the user to install a Radeon Pro Software professional driver and up to two Radeon Software Crimson Re Live Edition for Radeon Pro gaming drivers on their platform while using the supported products (Radeon Pro WX series and Radeon Vega Frontier Edition).NOTE:- Driver Options must be installed using the Custom Install option.I don’t really recommend doing that but I’m mentioning it for one reason.In the January 30th release of the Crimson Edition 16.1.1 Beta drivers the 6750m was included in the Release Notes as a supported GPU, however it was completely omitted from the INF files and I was able to manually add support with the methods described here.

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