Taylor swift dating history tumblr

Martha Hunt tweets something similar and receives similar criticism.

Abigail Anderson also throws down her support of Taylor with a lengthy Twitter rant where she offers prayers for North West.

2008: Selena Gomez meets Taylor backstage at a Jonas Brothers concert.

They were both dating Jo Bros at the time — Selena was with Nick and Taylor was with Joe.

But as time passed, the visibility of Swift’s squad has dwindled tremendously.

In 2015, Goulding also posted a photo of her partying with Katy Perry (Swift's longtime rival), which she later took down.

Status: Still friends Like Lorde, Dunham is also only in the friendship for Swift and Swift alone.

Status: Questionable For a long time, Kloss was Swift's right-hand woman and the arguable co-captain of her squad.

But lately, Kloss's impromptu apartment visits to Swift's downtown Manhattan loft has tremendously dwindled.

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