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In this month time, we have been putting out flyers and talking to people and handing out business cards. One person called on Wednesday and said " I have rental properties, and I need a Handyman for all of them" I said we would love to work with you. We apologized and said no, but we can be here first thing in the morning. I starting singing the theme song to Gilligans Island.

(just over broke) All three of us makes just a little over minimum wage. It has taken us about a month to get all the paperwork done. Our name that we originally picked for the LLC, was already in use, so now we think this name will work. Monday we all have to call the state and figure out if this name will work. I need screening on the front porch, toilet keeps leaking, door is off hinges and the last contractor was supposed to put in a dryer vent in the back. We offered the price and he accepted, then he said can you do it today? Hit the road, as soon as I entered the interstate, here came the rain again. I mean it was like people was throwing buckets of water on the truck.

Google Picasa Blog made this post ( on Feb 12, 2016 during my CNY holidays.

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But for those who want a semblance of neatness in organizing their thousands and tens of thousand memorable photos, now that is a huge problem. I suppose they didn't port over a good working search program from Google Photo Album and rewrote a newer but less effective version. Nobody trying to game the ranking of their own private photos. But the new Google Photos requires that you use your mouse and finger exercise by clicking one by one...

Having played my first event games during their Halloween event, I didn’t had a clue on what were the next item on their task list and the task required out of each step.

While reading some tech news, bump into this announcement that Google intends to close the Picasa Web Album.

It is times like this I rather run away and look for another softer target.

Anyway, the War Robots Event is a good chance to obtain items and robots quickly without having to go through the long tedious wait for amassing gold and workshop points. The War Robot event task list shows the difficulty to obtain some of these coveted robots and weaponry.

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