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“Interestingly, one of the first archaeologists to carry a scientific excavation of these site types was Prof Michael J O’Kelly and his excavations were also carried out in Ballyvourney,” said Ms Mc Carthy.“He was the first to come up with the theory that these were cooking sites, although the uses for the boiling water continue to be debated.” A number of river and watercourses were also identified as having archaeological potential.Mainly dating to the Bronze Age, when excavated the mound normally overlays one or more large pits, lined with stones or planks to create a trough.This is used to hold water into which heated stones are put.Evidence of similarly ancient hunter-gatherers was discovered near the Ballincollig and Youghal bypasses.

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The sites have been discovered through ground penetrating radar along the two-thirds of the road’s 22km route corridor between Macroom and Ballyvourney and they will be excavated shortly.

The archaeological surveys are being carried out by Rubicon Heritage Ltd, Earthsound Archaeological Geophysics and TVAS Ireland Ltd, who also used aerial surveys to identify potential historic sites.

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