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In addition to infection, several of the individuals found at the shelter had fused vertebrae in their necks, indicating traumatic injury; the adult female found at the shelter had survived for some time with a skull fracture.

The French geologist Louis Lartet discovered the first five skeletons of this type in March 1868 in a rock shelter named Abri de Crô-Magnon.

In 2011, the fossil was tested and redated to at least 41,500 years old and confirmed to be Cro-Magnon, making it the earliest anatomically modern human (AMH) fossil yet discovered in northwestern Europe.

The oldest Cro-Magnon remains from southeastern Europe are the finds from Peștera cu Oase (the bones cave) near the Iron Gates in Romania.

A complete anatomically modern human (AMH) male skeleton was discovered in 1823 in a cave burial in Gower, South Wales, United Kingdom.

It was the first human fossil to have been found anywhere in the world.

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