Dating a woman with a problem child

Afterward, he meets a nicer girl; dressed as a witch who is also wearing braces.

Like the beginning, he depicts everyone in a coloring book, and signs off by saying "So long, suckers!

Burtis (Bruce Ed Morrow), who he traps in the same way he did to Miss Hicks at the beginning. He and Ben go to a dentist's office where it is discovered by the infamous Igor Peabody (Gilbert Gottfried) that he needs braces.

Ben asks his father, Big Ben (Jack Warden), for a ,000 loan, which leads to disappointing results.

The audience is told that Murph (Eric Edwards), one of his classmates, told on him, and the principal called his dad, Ben (William Katt), prompting him to take him to get help.

They meet Sarah Gray (Carolyn Lowery), a therapist who tests him, and decides that he needs some activities to do, such as boy scouts, sports and ballroom dancing.

Gilbert Gottfried and Jack Warden are the only cast members to appear in all three films.Junior tries to proclaim his love to her, but fails miserably.At school, he is given a new teacher, the tyrannical Mr.It neither explains how Big Ben is still rich, since his apparent new wife, La Wanda, is never mentioned, nor how Mr.Peabody went from being a school principal to a dentist. Junior Healy (Justin Chapman) tells a story from multiple drawings in a coloring book, and it switches to his classroom where he is told by Miss Hicks (Marianne Muellerleile) that he got an "F" for not finishing his science project, and he mentions that "it's all about sound waves", and the bell rings, causing a set of traps to trigger, and her to fall out a window.

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