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Known bugs:- When indoors, upon exiting a conversation with an NPC, the camera stays centered directly behind Geralt instead of going over his shoulder.

The camera fixes itself when you leave the building.- If you are indoors when first loading into your game, the camera will be the default outside camera from the vanilla game.

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The camera fixes itself when you leave the building.- The camera tends to freak out when you're overencumbered. ) and forget that encumbrance was ever even in this game.- It's been reported that fast travel is bugged using the first person config, though I can't imagine why.

Taken a year or two after the couple’s 1996 wedding, and before David Cameron became an MP, the recently unearthed images reveal a more coquettish side to the baronet’s daughter, better known for her ‘high street chic’ style.

Brings the camera closer to Geralt when not in combat.

It's now closer and over Geralt's shoulder, instead of far away and behind him.

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